18 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

18 Wall Decor Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

So, you recently moved into a new place, and you finally have your furniture arranged exactly how you want it. You placed your decorative accents and hung the few pieces of art you own. But every time you sit down to relax on the sofa, those big, blank walls taunt you with their unforgivable boringness. “I need decor! I need decor!” they cry.

We’ve all been there. Blank walls can be a total headache when you don’t have time, funds or ideas — but they certainly don’t have to be. I’ve rounded up some wall decor ideas for every type of person: the DIY decorator, total trendsetter, penny pincher, plant person, vintage visionary, focused functionalist and salvaging soul. Scroll through, pick your favorites and show your walls who’s boss.

Color Swatch Gallery Wall

Custom Work Table in Craft Room

This colorful gallery wall idea is perfect for a craft room or kids’ area. Simply print oversized squares in the colors of your choice and frame them in a grid.

Woven Wall Hanging

Wall Tapestry

If you’re a fan of bohemian style, you’ve definitely noticed the resurgence of vintage-inspired, flat-weave textiles. Instead of forking over a hefty chunk of change for a woven wall hanging, make your own.

Framed Vintage Scarf

Vintage Scarf as Contemporary Wall Art

Frame this common thrift store find for a pop of color on your wall. Choose a scarf with an intricate pattern for more visual impact.

Ceiling Medallion

Neutral Coffee Table and a Black and White Fireplace

Buy an inexpensive ceiling medallion at a home improvement store to mount on your wall rather than the ceiling. Paint or stain it to match your room’s color scheme.


Patterned Tapestry

Multicolor Eclectic Living Room

Pack a powerful punch on a large wall by hanging a colorful tapestry. Choose a pattern that complements your room’s design.

Round Mirror

Master Bedroom With Round Mirror

Round mirrors are hot right now and work well with multiple design styles. They’re a great way to fill a wall without adding color or business.

Styled Wooden Ledge

Contemporary White Hall With Wood Shelf

Gallery walls! Styled ledges are having a moment. This is the perfect option if you’re a person who likes to switch things up frequently.

Beaded Wall Hanging

Neutral Contemporary Sitting Room

Do you like the idea of a tapestry but want something more glam? Go for a beaded wall hanging. Here, the beaded wall piece beautifully accentuates the teal upholstered chair.

Oversized Black + White Photo

Sitting Area with Chair and Black-and-White Photo

Blow up your own black and white photo, and hang it on a prominent wall to create a meaningful art piece on the cheap.

Unexpected Artwork

Entry Way: Vintage Accessories

Hit the thrift store and look for unexpected pieces to frame. Here, European grain sacks make a striking visual impact when framed and paired in three.

Living Wall

Vertical Garden in Modern White Dining Room

If you want to bring a space to life, this might be for you. Learn how to create your own living wall.

Succulent Planters

Wood Planks Holding Succulents

If you want to bring a space to life but aren’t ready to invest in a full-on living wall, consider low-maintenance succulents in wall-mounted planters.

Green Chalkboard

Rustic Living Room

Old-school green chalkboards offer a vintage vibe that their counterparts can’t match. The best part? You can change the look of your wall with some chalk and a little creativity.

Framed Portrait

Collection of Bronze Decor on Living Room Coffee Table

Dress up old portraits with ornate brass frames for a vintage-inspired look. Pair the vintage wall decor with more modern pieces to achieve an overall eclectic feel.

Oversized Calendar

Dining Room Wall With Triangle Window

Practical and pleasing to the eye, this oversized calendar is ideal for a family kitchen or personal office.

Mounted Bicycles

White Bedroom With Bikes on Wall Racks and Red Built-In Bookcase

Bikes as wall decor? I’m all in. Contemporary wood mounts look chic and hold the colorful bicycles in place.

Railroad Crossing Sign

Reading Corner

Think outside the box when it comes to salvaged pieces. Here, a railroad crossing sign adds vintage flair to an otherwise empty wall.

Old Storefront Sign

Vintage Sign Hanging Above Antique Red-Painted Sideboard

Salvage pieces that have meaning to you and your family. This old storefront sign is ultra-charming but also tells a story of days gone by.

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