Ketogenic Diet | Quick Start Guide

Ketogenic Diet | Quick Start Guide

The Keto diet is low in carbohydrates, and this forces the liver to produce ketones used by the body for energy. For most people, the biggest persuasion to take up the Keto diet is for the weight loss and management purposes.

Here is a guide to help you get started with a ketogenic diet:

Motivation Stage

This is the inner drive that will help you to push through even when you feel you want to quit. You are required to have a set target which you will work to achieve, and it involves identifying your goal. For example, you can decide that you want to run a half marathon in less than two hours or lose around 5 pounds within a period of two months.

Identify the intention of goal in order to have more driving energy and acquire some sense of accomplishment. Lastly, think about how a ketogenic diet would be effective for your health.

Knowledge Stage

In this keto approach stage, you need to have that perfect understanding of the keto diet, related to other types of food you can reach and then make a clear plan on how to acquire them. Take some time to consult your friends who have had good knowledge and utilize that particular information in making a decision of where you want to be.

Preparation Stage

On the restaurant analogy, here you will be required to come up with a plan on how to move from your home to the restaurant. Get to know the strategy you will employ into getting used to a keto diet. You realize if you don’t prepare you are doomed to failure. Therefore, make a comprehensive plan.

Execution Stage

On this stage, you have to seriously face the task with the most common issues involved to transition to ketosis. Of course, there are associated challenges and pains which should not make you quit. Having been motivated, informed and with all kind of preparation in place, you are set to go.

Testing Stage

You can do some testing to know whether you have been absorbed by the process of ketosis after a few days. Use a ketone strip, as it will help you to know the ketone levels in your urine. If you notice very high concentration, you will have successfully entered into ketosis. Note that any change of the color associated with the strip shows that you’re already in ketosis.

Mistakes and Correction Stage

Refinements, mistakes, corrections, and others are vehicles of change that are involved in moving you from one level to another on the Ketogenic Hierarchy of needs. They will also give you a breakthrough on how to reach new levels of performance. To be sincere enough, changing a habit is a very hard task, but have fun and approach it with vigor.

The above starting guideline for keto diet is just perfect for a start. Remember that ketosis is a metabolic state. It can either be easier or difficult to reach depending on body composition, age, lifestyle, gender, and levels of activity.

Follow Up Plan

Every good plan only goes well if you have good follow up, after your start up. Check back weekly for more information, regarding my personal journey with a Ketogenic Diet. I hope to provide inspiration and help to you.